Synetiq - Ad performance through emotions | Biometric Sensor API
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Biometric sensor API

Connect a sensor Let our API do the work Get useful metrics to integrate in your solution

Our API provides a scalable platform to bring you easily interpretable and integratable metrics from a variety of biometric sensors in real-time, online or offline leveraging decades of scientific research and large quantities of recorded data, through a user-friendly, standardized API.
How does it work?

1. Connect sensor(s)

Be it batch- or real-time data processing, plug our platform into your application through our REST API. Use a large variety of biometric sensors, be it EEG, skin response, heart rate, eye-tracker or some of the supported consumer wearable sensors and smartwatches.

2. Our API does the work

Let us do the hard work (data cleaning, feature extraction, compute-heavy calculations, etc), we’ll make sure your data is protected while we run our algorithms.

3. Get back useful metrics

Choose the output format and the metric(s) that best match your use case. 
Calculated metrics in a simple JSON format or on a dashboard include: Engagement, Excitement, Workload, Stress level, Attention, Affinity, Flow, Live time-series dashboard visualization, Eye tracking heatmap video (+ more metrics coming soon).

Use case examples
Measure the workload & stress level of your team


Distribute wearable sensors or smartwatches to your team members, ask them to wear it while performing (sport or work), connect the sensors with our platform, let us do the analysis and provide you with a clear dashboard and useful data files.



Integrate scientifically valid metrics in your fitness app


Don’t hassle with the data handling part of your mobile app. Let us help you with that so you can focus on getting users and their experience. Connect our API into your app and let us manage all the sensors, data processing and analysis and metric calculation.



Enhance your VR solution with biofeedback


Connect biosensors to your solution and stream data recorded through our platform. Get back useful metrics in the format you need to integrate into your application.