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Synetiq: More than a company we work for

According to the description on our website, “Synetiq is a cutting-edge neuromarketing research company providing media companies with emotional insights directly from their viewers’ brain and body.”

In reality, Synetiq is much more than that. It’s a team of young, open-minded, ambitious and always enthusiastic experts with various backgrounds. Being a highly heterogeneous group of researchers, engineers, psychologists, designers and business professionals, everyone adds something meaningful to the team which makes us all feel that we actually make a difference, day by day.

Synetiq could be referred to as a startup, on its way to have more and more clients across Europe, thus gaining international recognition. The company is growing, leading to a continuous need for talent and new skills in the team.

(Hey, if you think you have skills that might come in handy for us, scroll to the bottom and submit your application.)

Synetiq is and always will be a company where we feel like it’s a place where we belong, where we can spend time with like-minded people we can look up to, while also sharing an extremely friendly atmosphere full of laughter.

This is the kind of place where when someone brings cookies, everyone’s happy. Where we use scooters in the corridors, sometimes (secretly) also for racing. A place where our weekly meetings happen while sitting on sofas and beanbags, sipping tea. A company where noone is stressed in the morning for being late again, as there aren’t fixed work hours.


One of the main reasons why we are so excited about Synetiq is that we are devoted to each other. Spending time together is always fun, both in and out of the office.

It might be going out for a beer after work, visiting a museum, baking a birthday cake together or destroying each other during paintball. We enjoy it all.

In the meantime, we work hard to get things right, to live up to the high expectations we set ourselves. All this because we believe that our work is meaningful, it shows clear results and helps organizations better understand human needs. Also, we do this by attaching sensors to people in order to see their brain waves (among others), how cool is that?!

Personal development plays a crucial role in keeping employees of Synetiq motivated at all times. We believe that maintaining an intellectually stimulating atmosphere is necessary in order to get the most out of our skillsets.

Research and trainings are efficient sources of innovative solutions, so we’re encouraged to take the time, make the effort, and invest in our own intellectual growth each week. Every Friday afternoon at Synetiq is dedicated to self-development, when everyone participates in a training of their choice or works on a project that inspires them and also contributes to the creative and intellectual environment within the team.

Well, to sum it up, we used to associate the word ‘work’ with something we had to do, and ‘the office’ with a place where in the afternoon we’d keep looking at the clock to see how far away we are from 6 pm.

Synetiq completely challenged  this notion and proved that work might mean hardships, but what’s much more important is that it also means lots of smiling, satisfaction with what we do, feeling meaningful and being part of a great organization, an extraordinary story and a wonderful team.

Check out our available positions here.


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