Synetiq - Ad performance through emotions | Why sign up as a tester?
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Why sign up as a tester?

At Synetiq, we have an incredible community of people in the UK who take readings of their emotional reactions while watching videos, using state-of-the-art wearable tech sensors.

We’re really happy with how well we’ve been able to understand how people react to different types of videos.

In the team, we’ve personally gone to the cinema while wearing sensors to measure how we respond to various types of films. Nerdy, but exciting!

We’d like to get you guys involved as well- we’ve just made this possible by figuring out how to use consumer-grade wearable devices to read your emotional reactions, and we’re well on our way to making you, as an audience member, properly heard.

Some TV programmes, films, and videos are able to engage you a lot better than others. It can feel like the directors, writers and producers understand you as a person. Other content can feel like it was produced to specifically bore you to death.

We want to give you the power to help these people learn how to understand you better.

All you have to do is wear your device, and watch TV, films, or online videos the way you normally would. That’s it. Just by you doing your everyday thing, you’ll be helping the media create better content. Win win.

In case curiosity gets the better of you, we’ll also show you how we can create insights based on your reactions to what you watch. You’ll learn more about yourself, and what you really like.


A Word from our Testers:

We maintain constant contact with our testers, and heard from a few of them recently, where they shared their thoughts about their experiences, and thoughts about Synetiq as a company. Here’s what they had to say:

Haouasse from London“I wanted to have the opportunity to have a say in various topics and maybe influence the future for the better.”

Jamie from Edinburgh“I’ve always wanted to find a way to be a productive couch potato!”

Akshay from London“The sensor was pretty accurate, as I could see variation in the measurement graph. I was surprised that such a simple device could be so effective.”

Lindsay from Hull“It was wicked to learn more about psychology, and all I had to do was watch a bit of telly!”

Sasha from London“Quirky and friendly company. They were very laid back and made you feel valued as a participant.”

Sounds good, right? We’d love to have you as part of our friendly tester community! For the time being, we’re recruiting in the UK, but we will be expanding this in the future.

Sign up for free here, and be part of something huge that you’ll love!