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Superheroes, trailers, and excited nerds

According to Google, we’ve spent 35,000,000 (yes, 35 million) hours so far in 2015 watching movie trailers.

The passion with which we love trailers, especially those belonging to a specific genre, is catnip to advertisers who want to speak to us more effectively.



We’re in an era of endless conversation. Everyone has an opinion which they’d like to share in the most condensed way possible, and trailers offer us the opportunity to talk about a movie as a whole, when we’ve only seen a carefully curated 2-minute sample of it. We watch trailers because we care about what we buy tickets for.

We’re also right in the middle of a huge interest growth in all things nerdy. Nerds, by and large, are people who not only love something, but love it with a passion that’s missing in other genres of pop culture. People will line up around a city block to get Stan Lee’s autograph, and you can bet that they love every single second of it.



Dawn of the Planet of the Nerds

The most popular movies getting made are in the superhero/science fiction/fantasy genre. The nerds have been satiated. Their interest is piqued by the excitement built around the release of trailers. They share the trailers on their Facebook pages, discuss their excitement (or, let’s be honest, anger) about the movie, and break it down, frame-by-frame to glean as much information as they can before actually watching the movie. This has never happened before in pop culture, and the advertisers are listening.

If they can see that upon release of a trailer, conversation online buzzes with excitement, advertisers start to examine the source of this excitement. It helps them learn about you, to speak to you more effectively.

There’s a sweet-spot in advertising where creative heads can evoke things you’re passionate about in telling you about something you really don’t think too much about. Procter & Gamble figured out a way to make you laugh, while selling you Old Spice shower gel!

If you’ve noticed that regular commercials you see on TV have become a little more superhero-centric recently, it’s for a good reason. Superheroes have never before been this talked about, which won’t go ignored.


We love trailers because we love having the chance to discuss something we care about. Advertisers love learning about what we talk passionately about- it makes us, as consumers, much easier to talk to.

Check out the biggest trailers of 2015 so far. With a list like this, it’s no wonder that advertisers are playing to the nerd demographic!


#5: Marvel’s Ant-Man
#4: Terminator: Genisys
#3: Jurassic World
#2: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
#1: Star Wars: The Force Awakens