Synetiq - Ad performance through emotions | Neuromarketing and the measurement of emotions
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Neuromarketing and the measurement of emotions

Neuromarketing is the study of people’s emotional and cognitive response to media or marketing stimuli. But how do we measure emotions? We’ve already written a blogpost about neuromarketing, and now we’ve also made three videos to introduce the world of emotions and neuromarketing to you.

In the first part, our ex-lead researcher, Tamás Nagy, PhD discusses affective science in general, answering the question: what are emotions? The video explains the classification of emotions, what their role is, and the different tools for measuring them. Moreover, he explains how we can elicit emotions in research context.



Next, he covers the current state of neuromarketing, the difference between neuromarketing and neuroeconomics. In addition, you can gain insight into the most common methodologies and how neuromarketing can benefit marketers.



In the last part, Tamás provides an academic perspective on neuromarketing, addresses criticism and talks about the different types of neuromarketing companies out there.