Synetiq - Ad performance through emotions | When Synetiq is hoisted by its own petard
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When Synetiq is hoisted by its own petard

We at Synetiq analyze ads confidently based on our robust metrics, reliable methodology and (of course) the professional knowledge we gathered throughout the years, measuring more than 4000 ads. Do we claim that we know the secrets of a perfect copy? Well, we can give you a guideline but you will still need an awesome creative idea and an agency who turns the ideas into reality. But whatever your result is, after production, we certainly claim that we can tell you how to fine-tune your videos and how to maximize their potential.
We wanted to check whether we notice the log in our own eyes since we see the speck in the advertisers’ eyes so well. Therefore we measured and analyzed our B2B online spot. Let’s see how we performed.


Click here to reach a Crash Course on Analysing the Emotional Curves



For online ads, the first five seconds are crucial. After five seconds the viewer may opt for skipping the video, so advertisers need to captivate them with an involving story or contain a spoiler of the main message at the very beginning. Synetiq’s ad was successful at this point.  The distinguishable style and dynamic music immediately grabbed viewers’ attention (1). But the major rules we keep spreading put our backs against the wall. Quick cuts, moving characters in the background while showing texts, split screens will cause cognitive load and result in discomfort. It happened to the viewers of the “We are Synetiq” ad, too.


See how the multiple animated visuals divided viewers’ attention on the heatmap GIF


Although the execution pushed the audience to understand what they see (which explains their constantly growing engagement in the first quarter of the spot), they rather felt discomfort while watching the ad (2) as the split screen divided their attention.

Simplifying the split screen dissolved the negative feelings, but seeing quickly changing English text led to a lack of understanding and boredom, viewers reacted with declining engagement (3). Involving scenes from ads again and showing life at Synetiq was able to re-involve our testers. They appreciated the introduction of our non-ordinary sensors and the close-ups of the hard working team (4).

Although the cognitive load caused by quick cuts was present until the end (5), the last question / call combination (“Sounds exciting? Let’s talk”) managed to really put viewers in a curious (excited) mood (6) which was an optimal state to display Synetiq’s logo one more time.


Well, we did not create a perfect spot. There are no perfect ads. But we created material with good potential: we grabbed the viewers’ attention within the first few seconds, we created major emotional shifts, we captivated the viewers even with the last seconds and we achieved to involve the general audience, which is not even our direct target. Moreover, we managed to stand out from the services sector in the sense of memorability (Synetiq 39%, monthly sector average: 28%).

I believe at the end of the day we have all the reasons to be satisfied, especially that luckily we can measure our own ads, point out our own mistakes and do better the next time based on our own results. And this is how we help our customers too.


Written by:

Dóra Andorkó, media analyst