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Insight Packages

Collect ideas, dos and don’ts before you decide on the creative concept. Be fully prepared for your next campaign with best practices and emotional insights!

Let our data work for you! Our constantly growing ad database covers more than yearly 1100 new ads from 6 sectors. Draw conclusions from the biggest ad database on the market and let us answer all your questions regarding your creative concept, consumer insight or execution.

Ad Pre-Test

Play safe, maximise ROI, investigate how would your ad(s) perform in the real competitive environment. Fine-tune your creatives and make sure you buy air time for your best-performing copies.

Discover strengths and weaknesses and get ideas to improve with the resources you dispose of. Detect all the potential pitfalls of your ad and decrease or eliminate their negative impact before launch. Preview how your creative(s) would perform in the real competitive environment.

Ad Performance Monitoring

Get feedback about in-market performance of your campaigns and be ahead of the market by knowing the unknown! Learn from your narrow and wide competition.

Define your competition and target audience as you wish and benchmark your campaigns to others inside or out of your sector with our robust database.  Our complex methodology of emotional and conscious metrics deliver in-depth knowledge about different layers of the advertising landscape.

Check out the 3000+ ads we’ve analysed so far!

Boost your marketing with our insight packages…

synetiq money maker guideline pic


Spend your money wiser on financial ads with our tips for choosing the right purpose for your product. Through 110 ads we show you how to sell financial services without being boring or cliché. Read our tips for insurance, housing loan, personal loan, product loan and mobile payment products.



Brand values are the most difficult to communicate and transmit. You want people to resonate with your message and understand it perfectly. And you have max 60 seconds. Plus a huge noise. We tell you how to master your image.  Best to purchase before shooting!

Synetiq Character report


Do you consider to build your next ads on a character? Then you should know how strong he/she/it should be to let your brand still dominate? Learn from those who have dipped in it already! We reveal all emotions about brand faces from celebrities through ordinary people to cats and dogs.

Synetiq painkiller report

An overview about the competitive landscape & a guideline for creative nurturing in case you’re planning to shoot a painkiller ad. The two chapters of the report focus on 1) practical tips to boost convincing power and 2) the challenges of a good product demo, giving an outlook the ideal packshot that will make your product wanted.

They will sell your electronics pic

Which character will sell your TV set? The simple and offer-focused one? Or the funny with remarkable features? Or just the most annoying? What tactic works the best for online webshops, what will make people remember and purchase?


Black Friday Synetiq report

Based on multiple advertisers’ Black Friday ads we’ll tell you how to maximise activation with your Black Friday ads! Should you story around or just hit the point? Case studies of Media Markt, Alza,, Emag, Euronics, Telekom, etc. ads.


Data-driven guidelines on how to make your short versions effective. Our study examines examples of effective cuts, memorable and not so memorable story elements and tricks of renewing a story. Moreover, short versions can be more activating and emotionally triggering than the original ones. Curious how? Get our study!


What are the best-working insights to create empathy and activation in the general target? What is better in the story – familiarity or uniqueness of the situation? How to present a situation so that everybody understands it? If you want your ad to stand-out from tough competition, this study is for you!


Our new study summarizes the learnings of effective telco offers from the past 3 years and grants you insights in 2 chapters: Mobile Packages and Home Services. Get new ideas from the competitors and validate your offer strategy for 2019. With this revision we hope to help our customers come up with new and creative ideas!

Check out our client’s success stories…


What makes Synetiq different? There are a lot of market research agencies out there…

With our solutions you’ll not only gain access to what your customers think and are able to recall and verbalise, but you can get deep and valid insights about your audience. The sec-by-sec analysis of physiological data enables us to reveal even the smallest changes of your audience’s unconscious state. They might not be aware of all their feelings but their body tells us everything which we will deliver to you as actionable marketing insights.

How will I see the results?

Hopefully you will notice growing sales 🙂 Depending on which research outputs you choose, your data and insights will be available to you via: an easy-to-understand ppt report with a clear-cut management summary and a personal presentation – for those who are always under time pressure; an online dashboard providing you the opportunity to dive into the results of your ad – for data lovers; or simply an excel datafile, a one-slider, or just the way you need it.

Do you test other marketing materials than video adverts?

While we used to test TV series, movies, flyers and even slogans, we currently only measure video format (online and TV ads). Instead of dividing our expertise amongst all these fields, we’ve chosen to focus on what we are the best at.

What's the shortest possible time frame I can get my videos tested in?

Our testing happens according to a monthly schedule. At the moment we test once per month. Our standard monthly measurement takes 4-6 days and the shortest delivery is 3 workdays (for not more than 2 ads).

How do I utilise the insights about my campaign?

There are many ways depending on the service package you apply for: you can learn about your ads, and also about competitor and other advertisers’ ads. We can prepare you tailor-made guidelines when preparing your next ad’s concept, shooting the ad, or modifying that according to your tactical goals. Also you can learn from post-test when your ad reached the end of its efficient life cycle and it is time to start a new campaign.

Do you use quantitative methods as well?

Yes, we do. We use short and standard questionnaires providing the key performance indicators for all the measured ads and brands, to record the conscious, deliberate opinion of our testers beside their unconscious reactions. We do not despise quantitative and qualitative research methods, we simply think that all of them serve different purposes. And neuromarketing is the winner when you want to understand the emotional mechanism triggered by your ad.

Can I test storyboard or animatics with neuromarketing ?

Everything is possible, but we strongly recommend you don’t. As the execution will be gravely different it may elicit completely different emotions which cannot be predicted. We recommend you to test at least a moodfilm (with voice-over, music and real characters) if you choose neuromarketing.

Wow this sounds nice.. what should I do if I want to give it a try?

Share with us above what you would like to test and our client service team will get in touch with you. Or you can contact us straight away at +36 20 54 44 804 to get consultation on your research problem.