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Heineken: Cost-effective campaign optimisation


  • Beer brands must create something that really stands out, otherwise the investment is completely lost.
  • Such huge investments cannot go untracked; it cannot be spent based on internal gut feelings.
  • While ordering mainly ad performance monitoring service so far, they plan to pre-test more in the future as that’s the most cost-effective way to optimise a campaign


The biggest challenge Heineken currently faces is reacting to the dynamic and unexpected market changes based on the enormous amount of data available. With all the marketing noise and all these channels around, beer brands must create something that really stands out, otherwise the investment is completely lost. Heineken measures marketing success to some extent in big awards, like Cannes or Effie, but ultimately they are looking to convince customers, so what matters is sales numbers.


What Heineken got from Synetiq, is an improved and more conscious way of how to develop video advertising. Through the results and feedback that Heineken received from Synetiq, they developed a different lens through which they viewed their films and re-evaluated them together with the agency. According to András the main difference between Synetiq’s methodology and classic market research is that classic market research is claimed – it shows what consumers believe they feel, whereas Synetiq’s study shows what they really feel – what’s really going on in their brain. Heineken uses Synetiq’s ad-performance measurement service frequently to evaluate the impact of the ads on their consumers. In the case of a Soproni campaign, they had four different films from which they could easily select which one to use most, which one to use less and which one not to use at all based on Synetiq’s  insights.


András claims that the biggest added value of the Synetiq’s research is that companies can measure the impact of a spot either beforehand or afterwards. It can answer two different questions: 1) The strength of an existing spot and 2) the details of which part is stronger which part is weaker. The proof of the quality is -András says – that they keep coming back and use the services more often. While they are frequent ad-performance measurement customers, they are also interested in doing more pre-test in the future as they believe that’s the most cost-effective way to optimize a campaign, recut films or even cancel them in time if they fail badly.

The importance of qualitative study is that we spend tens or hundreds of millions on TV production. Such a big investment cannot go untracked; it cannot be spent based on internal gut feelings.”

András Palkó, Marketing director, Heineken