The month of May is associated a lot with positivity and optimism. The spring showers end, the sun starts to stay up for longer and longer, and it’s that sweet spot between a zipped and unzipped hoodie.

May has been extremely kind to us here at Synetiq as well. Last week, our CTO and Co-founder, Ádám Divák, went to London with our Lead Researcher, Tamás Nagy. They presented at the third annual Market Research Summit, where they discussed the incredible, cutting-edge work that we do. We’re still getting constant feedback on Twitter about how excited people were to hear about the possibilities that Neuromarketing brings!

We had an exhibition table in the general conference area, where Ádám and Tamás met a ton of people and got to show them the equipment we use, and gave them an idea of the kind of work we do, and the high level of quality we can provide.

Ádám speaking at the Market Research Summit

Ádám speaking at the Market Research Summit

It wasn’t anything revolutionary for Ádám and Tamás to talk about, but the knowledge that people walked away from our table having learned something new? That’s priceless.

We competed against three other innovative companies (Third Eye Consumer Technologies, Borderless Access, and BeMyEye) at the Innovation Showcase. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to snag the win, but we came in at a very close second. Despite not having won, we feel that we still were presented with an excellent opportunity to talk to industry leaders from across Europe and get them excited about us. That’s what these summits are all about, so- mission accomplished!

Another highlight was when we presented at the University of Oxford! We had a small room full of people, who were extremely immersed in what we were saying. We were absolutely thrilled to see that one of the attendees was Peter Somogyi, who was the winner of the Brain Prize in 2011! They had plenty of questions, which we were really encouraged by.

It’s always great to see people getting as excited about our work as we are. It always reaffirms that our work is new, innovative, but most of all, important!

We’ve recently completed a project for the BBC, both in lab and at home, as well as a comparative study of the telecommunication advertising landscape in Hungary, and are in the planning stages of some new projects.

May has been great, let’s hope that June is even better!