Your couch just became the most powerful seat in media.

We’ve got an incredible community of couch potatoes who use wearable devices to observe their emotional reactions while watching TV at home.

Our mission is to make you happier with entertainment.

When you settle in for some quality leisure time, you want someone to put a smile on your face. It’s frustrating when that doesn’t happen, especially after a long day filled with delayed trains and replacement buses.



A lot of TV shows just aren’t very good.

Sometimes, TV shows don’t grab you. That’s because their creators don’t really get you. With wearable tech, just watching TV as you normally would will make you more understood. The shows you watch will get better!

Your wearable device is the best way to become understood.

Your device gives you all sorts of information: When you need to drink some water, how many calories you burned on your last run, how well you slept last night, etc. We can make it tell entertainers what you like about your favourite TV shows, and what you’re not too keen on.

You’re probably a curious person.

You’ll always be able to see how your body and brain react to what you watch. We’ll show you how excited, bored, interested and involved you really are. It’s fascinating!

So, where do you come in?

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