Hello Friend

Life has been very exciting at Synetiq during the past months: a new product, new clients and lots of new ideas.
This is the best time for you to join our awesome team if you fancy working with cutting-edge technologies, can imagine spending your days at a fast-growing startup, or if you are interested in the coolest neuromarketing research projects in Budapest.

Synetiq is a leading neuromarketing media research company measuring people’s emotional reactions to media content. We are a growing and cheerful team of engineers, psychologists, researchers and business experts providing a solution for broadcasters, agencies and advertisers to better understand their audience.

See the intro of David and Adam, the co-founders of Synetiq here.
To have a better idea about who we are and how we work, read the blog post of one of our beloved colleagues: Synetiq: more than a company we work for

Right now, we’re looking to fill the following positions:

Tech Lead

Analyst, Media Researcher

Junior Business Developer

Data scientist

Data Engineer

General Application