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Crowdsourced Neuromarketing

Cutting-edge media research

Synetiq is a cutting-edge neuromarketing research company providing media companies with emotional insights directly from their viewers’ brain and body. Synetiq leverages recent developments in wearable bio-sensor technology to understand how people feel when they see an advertisement, TV show or movie. The real-time insights help you to create more engaging and more effective content. Synetiq’s approach, called crowdsourced neuromarketing, delivers unprecedented insights to understand your customers anywhere in the world in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Real-time emotional insights

Synetiq’s proprietary research, data processing and data analysis technologies are capable of accurately recording, analysing and quantifying a person’s emotional reactions as they interact with media content. Current insights include: measurements of Affinity, Attention, Excitement, Engagement, Boredom, Frustration levels. Raw data is collected from consumer-grade bio-sensor devices such as EEG headsets, skin conductance and heart rate sensors, eye-tracking devices etc.

How does it work?


1. Set-up a test online

Anyone can easily set up a test online, upload test material and select research participants to be tested.


2. Send it out to selected testers

An invitation to the research is sent to participants in our database.


3. Testers watch your material

Participants take the test at home right away, after which they will get paid.


4. Get results
in real-time

We process and analyze test results. Analytics appear in real-time on your online dashboard.


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