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We provide businesses with consumer insights directly from their customers’ brain.

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Introducing Mindr

A powerful neuromarketing platform

As production and marketing costs increase, there is an ever-growing demand for more detailed and accurate consumer insights. Better analytics in the development phase can lead to huge increase in sales or decrease in marketing costs. Most of the time those tests can only be ran on a restricted scale and provide inaccurate results. Mindr is an innovative, crowdsourced software solution tracking users’ emotional response to any stimuli presented. It can be used to precisely monitor and record reactions to commercials, movies and music, or it can also be employed as a novel method of user experience testing. It integrates information from brain waves, eye tracking devices and other sources to give a quantitative measurement of positive and negative feelings, emotional engagement or frustration. This information can be used to identify points of improvement in products or services and make informed decisions about further developments.


Why choose Mindr?

How does it work?


1. Set-up a test online

Anyone can easily set up a test online, upload test material and select user profiles to be tested.


2. Send it out to selected testers

An invitation is sent to selected testers in our database.


3. Testers watch your material

Users can take a test at home right away, after which they will get paid.


4. Get results
in real-time

We process and analyze test results. Analytics appear in real-time on your online dashboard.

What can it be used for?


Neuromarketing is an efficient way to gain consumer insights by directly measuring reactions, emotions and brain activity. It can answer questions like: Which marketing material has higher impact on consumers? Which parts of a commercial or movie are engaging or boring for viewers? Which part of using a website causes frustration for the user?

Neuromarketing today


According to Forbes the following companies, among others, use neuromarketing: PG, Chevrolet, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Motorola, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever, Campbells, Pepsico.
Case study: Super Bowl is not only a sporting event but also the biggest marketing and advertising event. The games draw big audiences, companies are willing to pay high amounts for every second of commercial time slots. It is estimated that during January’s match, companies will have to pay 3,7 million $ for 30 seconds of broadcast. By spending such amounts on the broadcast of commericals, each company tries to prepare them as best as they can. In the previous year as far as 70% of them were tested using the neuromarketing methodology.


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David Ottlik
Co-Founder, CEO   social_media_twitter  social_media_linkedin
David is a creative communicator, high-energy innovator and designer with 7+ years experience in entrepreneurial ventures and client relationships. Prior to founding Synetiq, David worked at Imprvd, a design and brand consulting firm and at Dezigen, two companies he co-founded. David has a background in design and architecture, he studied in Paris and in Hong Kong. He gained cultural insights from professional experience in China, France and Hungary. David is leading Synetiq’s business development and the team of passionate experts.

Adam Divak
Co-Founder, CTO   social_media_twitter  social_media_linkedin 
Adam holds an MSc in computer engineering and neuroscience and he specializes in neural applications. Prior to founding Synetiq, Adam worked on research projects such as the optimization of the network model of the hippocampus on supercomputers, and he developed complex applications for global finance companies. He loves sharing his knowledge in his micro-communities and worked as a teacher and trainer with local and international students. Adam is responsible for Synetiq’s proprietary technology development and leads a team of dedicated engineers and researchers. 

Peter Nagy, PhD cand.
Lead Researcher
Peter holds a Masters in Psychology, and he is currently a graduate associate at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. Previously, he taught as an adjunct professor of marketing at Central European University. His research interests focus on the application of relevant aspects of psychology and sociology on areas of marketing and consumer behavior. Among other topics, Peter explores creative ways to utilize social media platforms and online environments for the purposes of organizations.
Fields of expertise: Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior

Tamas Nagy, PhD cand.
Lead Researcher
Tamas is an expert in psychology specialized in the research of emotions. Previously worked at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and at the University of Amsterdam where he studied the body-mind-behavior interactions of emotional situations. As for his PhD topic, Tamas develops his concept of “positive stress”.
Fields of expertise: Psychophysiology, Neuropsychology, Research design

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We are looking for dynamic and talented researchers and engineers to join our team and work on the most interesting problem of all time: understanding human nature. You will be a great fit if you are energetic, motivated, love the international start-up culture and have a strong background in neuroscience and signal processing. As one of the first employees of a fresh company, you will have a huge impact on everything we do and your work will be highly regarded. We move fast, so you will see the results of your work much earlier than in a traditional research project. We support your ongoing academic career and part-time positions are available.

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