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Synetiq's clients: BBC, HBO, RTL, Viacom, VRT (Belgian Television), Tesco, Telekom, Telenor, Vodafone, Egis, Merck, K&H Bank, TNS, Young & Rubicam, Havas Media, Mito

What is Neuromarketing?

Understand the unconscious

Neuromarketing research is the study of people’s emotional and cognitive response to media or marketing stimuli. At Synetiq, we use cutting-edge neuroscience and the latest biometric sensors to identify your audience’s unconscious emotional responses while they watch your content. We help our clients assess, benchmark and improve their content and communication in order to maximise its emotional performance, memorability and activation power.

What are the benefits?

Beat your competition

By using neuromarketing research, you gain access to genuine and valid insights about your audience. It helps you reveal emotions that are difficult to verbalise, by analysing second-by-second physiological data that eliminates social compliances and shows even the smallest changes while your audience watches your content. Contrary to old-fashioned quantitative research methods, fewer participants are required to cover your target audience, results don’t depend on a moderator or an opinion leader as in qualitative research and the insights you gain offer a real competitive advantage towards your competitors.

Our technology



The electroencephalograph, or EEG, is our main source of insight into the mechanisms of one’s brain.

Hear-rate sensor

Heart-rate sensor

The photoplethysmograph uses pulse wave signals to derive heart rate variability.


Skin response sensor

The electrodermal response highlights the most important moments which evoked excitement in viewers.



Our use of eye tracking is an effective method to pinpoint the area of one’s momentary visual attention.


Assess & improve your content

  • Select the best performing copy
  • Fine-tune your creatives before airing
  • Maximise ROI and the ad’s emotional impact
  • Predict future performance with benchmarking to running campaigns
  • Share your knowledge about target audience with your agency
  • Evaluate creative agencies’ performance
  • Get answers to specific questions


Follow, Benchmark & take action

  • Analyse the emotional impact of your ads on a monthly basis
  • Benchmark your campaign’s performance to competitors’
  • Track ad persuasion and activation within segments
  • Identify emotional mechanisms that affect KPIs
  • Compare creatives’ emotional performance with KPIs
  • Understand how your customers’ decisions are driven by emotions
  • Discover latest trends in your product category
  • Optimise media buying & maximise your return
  • Gain competitive advantage with new type of insights

“Working with Synetiq’s professional team and their reports always bring new and inspiring insights that inform our strategy.“
Head of Marketing Communications

“Using Synetiq’s range of neuro and biometric techniques and interpretive expertise gave us real second by second detail on how the audience emotionally engages with our content – which will help us maximise the creative impact of what we do.“
Head of Audiences

“Synetiq’s emotional insights have helped us to discover the impact of the latest TV advertising trends to increase our client’s campaign’s effectiveness and its sales.“
Director of Branded Entertainment
Havas Media

“Using Synetiq’s report, we could identify emotional drivers in our creatives that can translate into consumer behaviours leading to business success.“
Director of Strategy
Young & Rubicam

We are proud to work with

Synetiq's clients: BBC, HBO, RTL, Viacom, VRT (Belgian Television), Tesco, Telekom, Telenor, Vodafone, Egis, Merck, K&H Bank, TNS, Young & Rubicam, Havas Media, Mito

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